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A FindOwnerTag

Find Owner Tag

Find your lost items

Find your lost itemsA pair of airpods with a FindOwnerTag on them

Find Owner Tag is a supereasy way to find your lost items. Stick them everywhere, enter your personal details and you are ready. Next time you lose something the finder will let you know.

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Find your lost items.Different items tagged with a FindOwnerTag sticker

These tags are a smart and easy solution to track your items. The good thing is that you can attach them to almost any item and they will save you from lossing.

Anna Maria, USA

A must for every traveler. It's easy to update your profile with your current address. So far, I have returned my item twice. When you use these tags, you feel freer somehow.

James Mohler, USA
Find your lost items.An ihpone and a laptop with a FindOnwerTag attached.
Find your lost items..A water bottle with a FindOwnerTag sticker on it.

Stick it. Find it.

We have made the simplest and smartest tracker in the world. Misplacing something like your keys doesn’t have to be a big deal when it has a FindOwnerTag attached. The finder will scan the QR code and contact you. 

A FindOwnerTag

Contacting made easy.

Create your online profile and add the information you want to share with the finder. Name, phone, hotel address? Sure, your profile can be changed as many times you want to. Our service is optimised to make the return process of your lost items as smooth as possible.


In people we trust.

Research shows that a person is willing to contact the owner of a lost item if they know the owners contact details. With Find Owner Tag contacting and returning an object to the owner is easier than ever.

How does it work?

Each FindOwnerTag has a unique QR code. When scanned with a mobile phone, the QR code points to your online profile. You have full control of the information you put into your profile. Once you lose an item, the finder will scan the QR code and make contact with you. 


Privacy built in.

Your online profile contains only information you want to add there. You can go really simple sharing only your social media accounts or include more information like name phone even hotel address. Want to offer a reward to the person that finds a lost item and returns it? Done, you can do so in your profile. Simple and easy. 

Stick them everywhere.

Find Owner Tag is made for all active people that want a little piece of mind from losing their stuff. Our tags come in different sizes so that can be added on almost anything. Phone, wallet, keys. We got you covered. We 
Find your lost items.A close up of a laptop that has a smart sticker on it. The sticker has a QR code that if lost, the finder will be able to scan and contact the owner.

Sleek design.

We have kept the design of our tags as simple as possible. We want to blend with our objects but at the same time be easy for the finder to scan them.

Battery free

You do not have to charge or maintain anything. Our high quality tags provide a self-contained solution that lasts.


Protect your belongings for less than 1$ each, forever. One time purchase without subscriptions.

Fits Everything

Use your imagination and stick them everywhere. Phone, wallet, laptop keys. Almost anything can be tagged!

Totally waterproof.

Not have to think about water, dust, sun. Our tags are military-grade ready to withstand your active way of living. We can guarantee that our tags may last more than your things.

Our tags help people around the world to find their lost property everyday. Find Owner Tags are easy to use, cheap and last forever. Using them actively contributes to the environment by stoping the rebuying cirle.


Happy Customers

40 Find Owner Tags

Price: 49.90$

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